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Dear valued customers, As the orders have been increasing from stores in the last couple of months, we have to process more on order distribution. To avoid any mess and confusion in the orders dispatching, we encourage you to take some of our tips as listed below: A. Currently, the available times for pick up and delivery for the orders vary with different products depending on the processing times: One working day or 8 working hours after receiving orders for Mattresses and Headboards (if in stock) Three working days after receiving orders for Normal Bed bases (if in stock) Five working days after receiving orders for Drawer bases (if in stock) B. All of the deliveries delivered by us are scheduled by our warehouse dispatch staff. Please inquire with our Manager Edwin Yang regarding the orders and delivery times through landline 09-5794444 or email Because you are one of our valued clients, we are trying to shorten the processing time by increasing more staff to efficiently produce. We will try our best to schedule the delivery times so as to meet your requirements, but please also understand that we can not ensure our delivery times are always to your contentment. We really appreciate your patience and understanding. Please let me know if there are any more problems.


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